OCILIB v4.7.3 now available for download !

Dear all,

OCILIB v4.7.3 is now available for download !

Get the release and enjoy it !

Fixes (C API)

    - Issue 251: OCI_ErrorGetMessage() returns invalid messages when OCILIB is build with OCI_CHARSET_WIDE on linux/unix platforms
    - Issue 252: Incorrect OCILIB client driver layer namein V$SESSION_CONNECT_INFO and GV$SESSION_CONNECT_INFO when OCILIB is build with OCI_CHARSET_WIDE on linux/unix platforms
    - Issue 253: Error occured at OcilibLobFree: ORA-01403: no data found
    - Issue 258: OCI_SubscriptionRegister() returns always NULL since v4.7.0
    - Issue 264: Fetched UROWIDs (IOT Table ROWIDs) values are truncated
    - Issue 268: OCI_DirPathSetColumn() forwards parameter 'maxsize' as unsigned short to Oracle client leading to data truncation

### Fixes (C++ API)

    - Issue 250: Exception handling when using OCI_CHARSET_WIDE
    - Issue 262: Using correct delete[] in ManagedBuffer destructor


    - Updated compilers for MS Windows prebuilt binaries
        * VS2019 16.9.0 for 32/64 bit DLLs 
        * VC runtime (statically linked) updated from vc141_xp to vc142
        * Note: Windows XP is not supported anymore due to the runtime update
    - Reduced some ocilib structures size by removing some paddings (especially in 64bits)
    - Added a makefile to build the C++ demo (Makefile_demo_cpp) that is also now installed with the C demo Makefile
    - OCILIB Test suite is now ported to Linux/Unix platforms
        * Test suite is now provided in ocilib-x.y.z-gnu.tar.gz distribution archives and installed by 'make install' among documentation and demo (typically in /usr/local/share/doc/ocilib/tests)
        * To build the test suite:
            - Modify the db credentials in ocilib_tests.h
            - Use Makefile_tests (it depends on google test that must be installed prior building the test suite)