Here are some projects using OCILIB :

  • Used in Cisco Access Registrar, an AAA server that offers scalability and extensibility in complex service provider environment
  • Used in Cisco WebEx Meetings Server, a highly secure, fully virtualized, behind-the-firewall conferencing solution that combines audio, video, and web conferencing in a single solution
  • Used by CGGVeritas Services (Global Provider of Geophysical Services and Equipment)
  • Used by Alstom Grid a division of Alstom that manufactures equipment for the entire chain of electrical power transmission
  • Integrated to the next versions of CauseWay products (global software provider to support the complete life cycle of the built environment)
  • Used by Siemens PLM TeamCenter Software
  • used by Lockheed Martin, American global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company
  • Used by Siemens IT Solutions & Services Finance
  • Used as Oracle underlying DB access layer in Skyway AIMS Solari’s Airport Information Management System
  • Used in PlakView software, an image processing system used in the visual detection, identification and recognition of registration plates
  • Used by Turkish State Meteorological Service for archiving 4 millions data samples per day from automatic weather stations and other sources (15 billions samples so far)
  • Used as Oracle underlying DB access layer in Icinga, a popular open source monitoring system (Nagios fork)
  • Used as Oracle underlying DB access layer in Merlin, a Module for Effortless Redundancy and Load balancing In Nagios
  • Used in various applications and frameworks from worldwide IT consultant companies (India, China, America, Germany, …)
  • Used at a large Swiss investment bank for back office processing of direct market access trades
  • Used in an Australian bank application that is used to stress a huge Oracle database (replay of terabytes of data in a short period of time)
  • Used in various middle-tiers web application
  • A daemon that stores on DB diagnostic data collected from a large number peripheral devices polling them via SNMP.
  • An application, designed for QA testers, that tests DML activity on Oracle 9i/10g databases.
  • A tool that extracts tables definition from an Oracle database to files using DBML format (an XML language).
  • An application that imports hospital transport records from external sources into an Oracle database for analysis
  • Used as the underlying Oracle layer in the Qt Driver QOpenOCCI
  • Used as the underlying Oracle layer in the Harbour Project, a multiplatform Clipper language compiler
  • Used as the underlying Oracle layer in the BAIK scripting language
  • Used in the underlying Object Oracle layer in the Qore programming language
  • in various banking applications (some major European banks and south hemisphere banks, …)
  • in a lot of companies custom generic database layers to implement Oracle access

I have only few detailed descriptions about projects using OCILIB.

Most of the time, I’m only reported about the type of application designed with OCILIB. I have contact with many developers from all around the world who are extremely satisfied of OCILIB and all of them say that OCILIB saved them so much time or sometimes even their life !!

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