Here is a little selection of user comments about OCILIB taken from emails sent to OCILIB support email !

“OCILIB code is truly a really nice piece of code”

Pete Finnigan, CEO and Founder of Limited Specialists in database security.

“About Ocilib, i am working in Telecom Italia S.p.A. and we are using your Ocilib library compiled on HP Itanium System in our Interconnection System in Brazil. In a process to extract daily traffic data from partitioned oracle tables, about 30.000.000 records for each day. This process wrote to use dynamic sql 4 Method had a big performance problem and i have sponsored your ocilib and we have improved +60% performance. I am using your ocilib also in a windows desktop application on XP system, with good results. Thanks Vincent.”

Giovanni Palleschi Software Engeener at Telecom Italia S.p.A

“I have been asked to replay 90 minutes of captured SQL code back into a database. The oracle database is one of the largest in the southern hemisphere apparently [….] 90 minutes of captured data is about 2 terabytes of information […] The replay is all happening on a single client Solaris 64 bit machine […] From a parent controlling process I spawn 1300 client processes that each connect to the database[…]” all calls seems to happen very, very quickly and that, in my opinion, a significant reason the project is succeeding is due to your library and your commitment to quality code. Thank you! Well Done! Bravo! The system I have written has been designed to really hammer the database and your code stands up very well.

James D’Arcy CommonwealthBank

First of all, I would like to say that I’m really impressed with OCILIB. I have written myself a set wrapper functions similar to OCILIB that I have used for years, but have started using yours since you’re much farther along than I am.
Brant Katkansky

First, I’d like to thank you for library, it’s save me a great deal of time, not having to deal with all the underlying OCI handles, etc… I even figured out how to bind an ‘in’ PL/SQL ref cursor!
Bruce Lokeinsky

Your OCI library has saved me an ungodly amount of time and headache !
Scott Wells

Thank you for your project and its quality. It’s always nice to see the well written code
Laudet Guillaume

Your production OCILIB is very helpful to my work! My code is much shorter and easier to understand.
Kyle Qian

I have recently downloaded the OCILIB library suite - awesome job.
Brent Day

Thank you for your effort in creating ocilib. It’s very high quality software
Radu Hociung

Thank you for developing the ‘OCILib’ library, it is very usefully for me because of its convenience.

I have just found your library OCILIB and it seems very good.
Pawel Biskupski

Thanks for the great work with ocilib!
Angelo Pellegrinon

Thanks btw for these OCI Libraries.
Francis Lavalliere

First congratulation and thanks for your work
marcelo via

Thank you for your project and its quality.
Ulambayar. D