OCILIB has been designed, developed and maintained by me, Vincent Rogier.

Quick OCILIB History

Years ago, I had developed a C++ wrapper around OCI that was compatible Oracle 7 (old OCI API) and Oracle 8 (new OCI API).
But this wrapper, although used in applications in production was not really well designed, poorly commented and did not have the quality for being released as an open source library.
The internal support for both OCI7 and OCI8 api made the internal code complex and too heavy to maintain.
That’s why I’ve started another wrapper in C (for compatibility and portability).
Early development of OCILIB (based on my previous C++ wrapper) started at summer 2007.
OCILIB first public release (v1.0.0) was achieved in October 2007.
Few years later and thousand of hours spent on it, OCILIB had became the reference open source C library for dealing with Oracle database.

About me

I’m French and live in Brittany, France.
I’m a software Architect at Capsule Philips, industry leader in connected health.