OCILIB v4.6.4 now available for download !

Dear all,

OCILIB v4.6.4 is now available for download !

Get the release and enjoy it !

Fixes (C API)

- Issue #222: Allow OCI_SESSION_SYSDBA for session pools
- Issue #225: Fixed some PL/SQL tables binding issues when statement is an anonymous PL/SQL block
- Issue #226: When NOT using OCI_ENV_CONTEXT environment flag, OCI_CollToText() and OCI_ObjectToText() failed if previous OCILIB call failed
- Issue #227: Enhanced performance when fetching Clobs as strings (for Oracle 11g and above)

Miscellaneous (C API)

- Some performance improvements when converting Objects and Collections to strings
- Some performance improvements when calling OCI_GetString() on non strings columns
- Minor changes in code for addressing some code analysis hints (clang, resharper)

Miscellaneous (C++ API)

- Enhanced Number class in C++ API:
    * Restrict arithmetic operations on supported types only
    * Arithmetic operations are also now supported between Number objects
- Minor changes in code for addressing code analysis hints (clang, resharper)
- Updated C++ demo application


- Updated documentation
- Updated all files Copyright to current year (2020)
- Updated compilers for MS Windows prebuilt binaries
    * VS2019 16.5.3 for 32/64 bit DLLs	
    * Still targeting vc141_xp toolset for backward compatibility <br/>