OCILIB v4.3.0 now available for download !

Dear all,

OCILIB v4.3.0 is now available for download !

Get the release and enjoy it !

New Features

* Added NUMBER SQL type native wrapping          
        - Optional type as NUMBER type can still be fetched/binded using regular C native numeric types
        - New OCI_Number type can be used when precision matters or for dealing with special values such as positive and negative infinity
        - C API : 
                Added OCI_NUM_NUMBER numeric type
                Added OCI_Number type
                Added OCI_NumberCreate()
                Added OCI_NumberFree()
                Added OCI_NumberArrayCreate()
                Added OCI_NumberArrayFree()
                Added OCI_NumberAssign()
                Added OCI_NumberGetContent()
                Added OCI_NumberSetContent()
                Added OCI_NumberSetValue()
                Added OCI_NumberGetValue()
                Added OCI_NumberAdd()
                Added OCI_NumberSub()
                Added OCI_NumberMultiply()
                Added OCI_NumberDivide()
                Added OCI_NumberCompare()
                Added OCI_GetNumber()
                Added OCI_GetNumber2()
                Added OCI_BindNumber()
                Added OCI_BindArrayOfNumbers()
                Added OCI_RegisterNumber()
                Added OCI_NumberFromText()
                Added OCI_NumberToText()
                Added OCI_ElemGetNumber()
                Added OCI_ElemSetNumber()
                Added OCI_ObjectGetNumber()
                Added OCI_ObjectSetNumber()                
        - C++ API: 
                Added ocilib::Number type encapsulating the C API OCI_Number type
                This new type comes with all possible operator overloads for better usability


* OCI_ObjectGetString(): Fixed usage of internal temporary buffers
* OCI_FileRead(): Return value was not the correct one
* OCI_PoolGetConnection() : was returning NULL connections for session pool using external credentials
* OCI_StringGetFromType() : Fixed segfault when converting CLOBs (with length > to 512) to UTF8 strings in OCI_GetString() if an UTF8 charset is used
* Fix indicators usage for collections : OCI_IsNull() always returned FALSE even if fetched collection was NULL
* Fix compilation under C compilers not supporting C99 feature allowing declaring variables anywhere in blocks


* C API: Added OCI_GetDataSize() and OCI_GetDataSize2()
* C API: Major internal code re-factoring       
        - Code factorization
        - Replaced verbose macros with more compact ones
        - Code base reduced by few thousands lines of code
        - Fixed some error handling logic
* C++ API: 
        - Rewrote iterators for ocilib::Collection<> 
        - Collection Iterators are now random iterators allowing Collections being used with STL algorithms such as std::sort()
        - Added Collection const_iterators
        - Addressed various code analysis hints
        - Added C++ compiler capabilities detection (C+11)
* Updated samples in folder /demo
        - dded required DDL and DML for all samples
        - Updated some samples