OCILIB v3.6.0 coming on March, Monday 8th !

Hello all !

OCILIB v3.6.0 will be available by next monday (2010-03-08) on sourceforge.net.

The SVN repository will be updated this weekend with the v3.6.0 sources. Packages will be added for download on March, 8th.

This version is a minor features updates and fixes.

Here is the changelog of the 3.6.0 :

2010-03-08 Version 3.6.0 Vincent Rogier vince.rogier@ocilib.net

    * Extended String handling

      - It's now possible to set how NULL strings are returned to application (NULL or "")
        - Added OCI_SetNullStringMode()
        - Added OCI_GetNullStringMode()

      - It's now possible to set how string lengths are compute (bytes or characters)
        - Added OCI_SetStringLengthMode()
        - Added OCI_GetStringLengthMode()

    * Miscellaneous changes

      - Added OCI_HandleGetSubscription()
      - Modified OCI_Initialize() : remaned parameter 'home' to 'lib_path' 
      - Various documentation updates

    * Miscellaneous fixes

      - fixed prototype of OCI_ConnPoolGetlGetNoWait() => OCI_ConnPoolGetGetNoWait()
      - fixed various problems of RAW and LONG handling in OCI_MIXED_CHARSET mode
      - fixed OCI_GetServerOuput() when statements are reprepared
      - fixed computation of objects members offsets (in the internal object opaque structure) which caused mmisaligned pointer and lead to segfault depending on the members datatype
      - fixed OCI_xxxFmt() functions that were badly formatting the ouput sql when more than one DATE parameter was present
      - fixed OCI_BindArrayOfXXXX() documentation
      - fixed OCI_BindArraySetSize() when called many times with a new size > initial size
      - fixed endianness problem on big endian platforms when a string buffer had to be converted
      - fixed internal lengths used in implicit conversions in OCI_GetString() for some datatypes

    * Modified developer and support contacts

      - use the following contact address for any information/question/help about OCILIB :

          - support and help         : support@ocilib.net
          - contact and information  : vince.rogier@ocilib.net 

Have a nice week end !