Calling stored procedure with OCILIB

Today, I was asked on the OCILIB SourceForge forum if OCILIB could handle calls to stored procedures…

Of course, it can ! Here is a basic simple example.

Let’s say you’ve got the following stored procedure :

my_function(code in number, str out varchar) return number;

Here is a full working C program source code to call this procedure:

int main(int argc, char **argv)
    int code, res;
    char str[31];
    OCI_Connection *cn;
    OCI_Statement *st;


    cn = OCI_ConnectionCreate("db", "user", "pwd", OCI_SESSION_DEFAULT);
    st = OCI_StatementCreate(cn);

    OCI_Prepare(st, "begin :res := my_function(:code, :str); end;");
    OCI_BindInt(st, ":res", &res;);
    OCI_BindInt(st, ":code", &code;);
    OCI_BindString(st, ":str", str, 30);

    code = 5;
    res = 0;
    str[0] = 0;


    printf("res = %d, str = %s", res, str);


    return EXIT_SUCCESS;

That’s all ! Calling stored procedures is really easy with OCILIB