OCILIB v4.5.2 now available for download !

Dear all,

OCILIB v4.5.2 is now available for download !

Get the release and enjoy it !

Fixes (C API)

    - Issue #152: Wrong error reporting when calling OCI_Execute() on a non prepared statement
    - Issue #153: OCI_GetSqlErrorPos() not working since v4.3.0
    - Issue #158: OCI_IntervalCompare() always returns 0 (equality)
    - Issue #159 (workaround for oracle Bug): OCI_TimestampAssign() returns ORA-00932 when timestamp type is OCI_DTYPE_TIMESTAMP_LTZ
    - Issue #161: Current offset not updated when calling OCI_LobTruncate()
    - Issue #162: OCI_RegisterObject() and OCI_RegisterRef() failure
    - Issue #164: OCI_RefSetNull() fails if already null or if its underlying object has not been pinned
    - OCI_IntervalArrayCreate() and OCI_TimestampArrayCreate() did not allow to create arrays if the connection handle was null

Fixes (C++ API)

    - Issue #155: ocilib::Date::operator inverted operator >= and <=    


    - Updated compilers for MS Windows pre built binaries
        * VS2017 15.8.3 for 32/64 bit DLLs
        * Code::Blocks 17.12 (TDM-GCC 5.1.0) for 32 bit MinGW static libs
    - Added Google Test suite for the C API 
        * Work In Progress
        * VS2017 (only) project using Google test nugets

I am currently working on version 4.6.0 for supporting Oracle 18 new features :)